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京都大学 白浜水族館 | 旅じゅん

The Kyoto University Shirahama Aquarium


There was an aquarium right near the exit of Banshoyama Park. Let's stop by quickly.

The aquarium, operated by Kyoto University, features about 500 species of creatures, all of which are found only in the waters of the Kii Peninsula. It's a unique exhibition with a focus on local marine life.

The octopus was... attempting to escape through a small hole at the top of the tank.

I ignored it and kept moving, but later there was a commotion with people shouting, 'The octopus is causing trouble!' So, it seems it was indeed quite unusual.

There was kue on the menu last night.

Admission fee: 600 yen

Staying time here: 1 hour

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